We need to keep an eye on things.

Check out the sexy legs……..

Kinda got your attention tho’

Anyway. My first blog , intended to run in tandem and as irreverent as my friend Mark Rowen’s. If you would like to see Mark’s perspective on life as we might not want to know it, go here,


We have so much, black humour wise, in common. He grew up in the psych world and I grew up in the medical world === no difference really.

Anyway, my first post. Kinda tame for the first one.

I love Golf and flying microlight trikes. Over the last few months I’d noticed that I was missing shots, couldn’t see the ball in flight and depth perception was not good when getting set up to hit the little white fucker. This was even worse when trying to land an aircraft!

So. Methinks. There is a problem here but I know what what.

A few weeks later I noticed that, from our elevated signature Tee I lost the ball and all of my teams balls. Couldn’t see them in the sky at all. This kinda got me thinking.

I had had surgery to my right eye 3 yrs ago to give me monovision. This is a superb solution whereby you have long distance vision in the dominant eye and reading in the other eye. A prefect solution. Until now.

I’d began to lose balls in the air. Miss hit balls more than normal and the world was losing colour. It was also getting kinda misty.

It finally dawned on me. I know what this is.


I quickly made an appt with my specialist on Monday, got it at 12:30. Rigoberto has all the toys — http://altaretina.mx/ . Yep, cataract. So, said I, let’s fix the fucker. Like I said he has all the toys (I’m an ex Dentist so I know all about toys) So, several test later in who knows how many micro seconds he says — all complete. I can schedule you in any Thursday. Any space this Thursday says I, pushing my luck, Yes says he 4 pm.


I spent the next 2 days getting the required bloods and medical tests to say I would not die, at least until the procedure was done. BUT I kinda got the thought that maybe I was over imagining this. Was it really this bad? Perhaps the haze was normal in the distance.

Screw it. Let’s do it.

The procedure itself was brilliant, totally painless, a tribute to Rigoberto at altaretina.com

Today was 24 hrs post op.

All went brilliantly.

I went for my review this morning, 24 hrs post. Dr Rios took the patch off and the protective plastic contact lens. All good. Vision a bit hazy and blurred but he reckoned it would all come good within 24 hrs.

6 hrs later I looked outside and my first thought was “Holy Fuck” I could see a tree half a mile away and count the branches and leaves – including the butterfly. The colours were/are so vivid. Incredible.

Once I’d set the ball in motion to get this done I’d been looking through the eye,  and thinking ” Is it really this bad, am I over thinking this, how can I be sure?” I wasn’t.

  I can only compare the slow decrease in vision due to cataract to a fluorescent light . You install it and never notice the degradation until you have to replace it, then it all becomes so much brighter. Nice thing now is that I have perfect vision for distance and reading for life. So worth the investment.

So, go get checked. You don’t notice the deterioration in vision at all, but when it gets fixed, man do you realise it.

Next time, I promise, the blog will not be so serious. At all. Beware. Mark and I have plans…………………………………………………..

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